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A bit about me.



I am a trauma-focused integrative counsellor, and I have been working in supportive, relationship-based professional roles for ten years. My current work is centred around my private practice, a part-time lecturing role with the Open University, and a work as a couples counsellor with Relate.


My interests have never stood still nor traveled in a linear path, but my approach to therapy is consistently rooted in curiosity. My academic background has touched on evolutionary theory, sex and relationship dynamics, women’s issues, existentialism, education, language and bilingualism, psychopharmacology, forensic psychology, and transformational altered states – to name a few. Supported by my strong research background, my practice is informed by scientific evidence from a wide range of psychological philosophies.


The core of my practice is an accepting environment where my genuine care for my clients’ wellbeing can facilitate their natural tendencies towards growth and healing. The therapeutic relationship, based on understanding and trust, can act as a secure space for people to process feelings, explore themselves, and make new connections that lead to personal change. I integrate trauma-informed techniques into my practice to keep clients safe while unpacking painful memories and experiences.


I am dedicated to my ongoing education and personal work, which maintains my wellbeing, self-awareness, and ability to provide the highest quality care to my clients.


  • BASc Evolutionary Psychology, Hons Distinction (Quest University Canada, 2013)

  • MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy, Distinction (Bangor University, 2020)

  • Certificate in Relational Counselling (Relate, July2021)


  • Remote Therapy Training (Bangor University, 2020)

  • Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems (PESI UK, 2019)

  • Foundational Certificate in Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy (Tavistock Relationships, 2018)

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